Spread the Hagel

Auteurs:   Jennifer Foster  |  Lianne Koster

Flexicover, 14,5 x 21 cm, 143 pagina's, fullcolour, Engels,

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Chocolate sprinkles are a popular Dutch sandwich topping, but why use them only on bread? These sprinkles are not only delicious to eat, but they also make your food a true work of art. It’s already a well-known fact that sprinkles go great with biscuits or cakes. But did you know that they also taste fantastic when combined with bacon or gorgonzola? Or mixed in a spicy tomato soup or as a topping on a flammkuchen?

Spread the Hagel offers inspiration for innovative dishes and twists on traditional recipes. The book shows how you can make your own sprinkles and how to integrate chocolate sprinkles in classic dishes from other countries.

Spread the hagel!

Jennifer Foster and Lianne Koster work together as Studio Cookart, where they combine their passion for good food and passion to create something beautiful. Because they both work in the design sector, they approach food from an aesthetic and surprising angle.


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