The Mobile Life

Master the challenge of moving somewhere new

Auteurs:   Anne Parker  |  Diane Lemieux

, 184 pagina's, , Engels,

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This practical, easy-to-read guide covers the entire process of adjusting to live somewhere new, from deciding to move, to being fully and happily resettled.

It helps readers:

  • Understand the impact moving has on one’s identity and self-esteem;
  • Become aware of one’s personal approach to change;
  • Develop a strategy for designing the shape and quality of each family member’s new life even before moving;
  • Master techniques for establishing new social networks, routines and a sense of belonging.

The inspirational story of 20th century polar explorer Ernest Shackleton highlights skills such as leadership, self-motivation and flexibility, tools that enable readers to proactively adapt to any episode of change in life, personal as well as professional.

Over the last five years, has provided The Mobile Life to our employees and their partners who we have moved globally. It is a must for anyone looking for effective and practical strategies to manage the relocation experience.

Mark Derksen Head of Global Mobility,